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A toga tearing romance unites two far-flung cultures and brings untold riches to their rulers.

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Free Slots Bonus!


Two of the most powerful ancient civilizations of all time are the Romans and Egyptians, which should bring players of Rome & Egypt the slot a lot of prevailing fortune. These two civilizations shared a commonality in their histories, centered around the epic love story between Caesar and Cleopatra. Caesar and Cleopatra interact in this game on the reels together, appearing as stacked wilds.

Bonus Play

In order to win free spins in Rome & Egypt the video slot, Cleopatra and Caesar must come up on at least 2 consecutive reels. The number of free spins that are awarded are dependent on the number of Cleopatra and Caesar symbols that line up. Free spins are awarded as follows: 2 symbols yields 5 free spins; 3 symbols awards 10 free spins; 4 symbols awards 20 free spins; and 5 symbols yields an amazing 100 free spins. These same 2 symbols are also considered dual wild symbols in this game.