Hit the big one with 100x Wild Pays in the biggest multiplier in Viva Slots Vegas Classic Slots.

Level 1 Available Platforms


Now on Viva Slots Vegas Classic Slots, the biggest wild multiplier you’ve ever seen! Land the Wild 100x Pays multiplier in the third reel and watch your winnings soar. Get 100 times your winning payline when you hit it with the Wild 100x Pays symbol. Watch in excitement as your 20 times win becomes a 2000 times win with just one single symbol! Play Wild 100x and hit the jackpot you’ve been waiting for.

Bonus Play

Wild 100x Pay Symbol is in the 3rd reel. This symbol acts as a wild as well as a 100x multiplier on any winning payline. Hit Wild, Wild, and Wild 100x to win 2500 times your initial bet